Low Sun - Cornwall. (Oil) (16"x12")

Storm Brewing - Cornwall. (Oil) (16"x20")

Against the Odds, Phang Nga, Thailand.(Watercolour) (20"x20") 

Secret Lagoon, Phang Nga, Thailand. (Watercolour) (28"x20")

Alport in Winter. (Oil) (12"x8")

Autumn's Table. (Watercolour) (30"x28")

Cromford Pond, Derbyshire. (Watercolour) (18"x12")

Eilean Donan, Scotland. (Watercolour) (10"x12")

The Green House Bench. (Watercolour) (30"x28")

River Bradford. (Watercolour) (16"x20")

Winters Morning, Holloway, Derbyshire. (Oil)

Snowfall, Derbyshire. (Watercolour) (16"x20")

Across The Fields, Derbyshire. (Oil) (10"x12")

Tree and Shadows. (Oil) (12"x8")

Incoming Tide. (Oil) (23"x18")

An Early Cornish Morning. (Oil) (10"x12")